A nation of innovation

Chemical Sciences Scotland has always been committed to increasing the amount of applications and product R&D that is conducted in Scotland.

We do this by creating a competitive advantage for such activities and by promoting the fact that Scotland is an innovation-friendly location for future investment in R&D.

We believe this innovation will be achieved by:

  • Building stronger links between industry and universities.
  • Making full use of the innovation and technology transfer support available.
  • Participating in and/or adopting existing innovation initiatives.
  • Full participation in Chemistry Innovation (chemicals industry knowledge transfer network).
  • Collaborating with other sectors like Life Sciences and Energy and our Network of Innovation Centres to develop programmes and resources for innovation.

Several initiatives are already underway in the area of Industrial biotechnology (IB). These have the potential to transform many of Scotland’s key sectors by delivering new innovation, inward investment and export opportunities. This work will also help Scotland’s transition to a low-carbon economy.

The National Plan for Industrial Biotechnology, launched in November 2013, aims to transform the competitiveness and sustainability of industries in Scotland by developing and applying IB within an emerging bioeconomy. A copy of this plan can be found below.

ICIS on Innovation