Why Scotland?
Where the smart money goes

Scotland’s Chemical Sciences industry is relatively unique in that it is not focused on specific segments with multiple companies who are all competing against each other.

Instead it covers a range of petrochemicals as well as fine chemicals and specialty chemicals – this means companies can collaborate relatively easily. A wide range of overseas companies also operate within Scotland and it has a great number of innovative SMEs.

Chemical science companies looking to invest will find Scotland offers a very attractive proposition and operating environment. Scotland has:

  • a strong academic base in both chemical and engineering sciences, that works collaboratively with industry
  • a pre-existing talent pool, with a strong future (supported by a national Skills Investment Plan)
  • an established chemical manufacturing base, from commodity, through speciality, to fine and pharma/agchem products
  • a supportive government, committed to innovation and readily accessible to companies
  • a strong focus on industrial biotechnology, with government and industry investment in innovation and technology centres
  • financing opportunities, for start-ups and SMEs.

For further information about the opportunity that Scotland’s Chemical Sciences sector offers, please visit the SDI website.

Future of the Chemical Sciences

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