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Chemical Science Scotland
New £56m investment in Scotland to strengthen the UK’s place in the global pharma industry

A new £56 million UK innovation centre, which will revolutionise how medicines are manufactured, is to be located in Renfrewshire. Protecting future generations by bringing new medicines to market safely and quickly is one of the biggest health challenges facing the world today

Linda Hanna, Managing Director at Scottish Enterprise, said: “We are delighted to welcome the new MMIC to Scotland. There is no other facility like this in the world and is a fantastic endorsement of Scotland as an ideal place to invest in global excellence in high value manufacturing drawing on our skills, innovative companies and academic expertise.

“Industry leadership and co-investment has been central to shaping this centre and will remain at the heart of what makes it a success, providing a platform for companies right across the UK to collaborate, innovate and develop world-leading medicine manufacturing processes and technologies.”

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