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Chemical Science Scotland
New report highlights 27million tonnes of ‘bio’ material that could add value to Scotland’s economy

New data from Zero Waste Scotland aims to drive investment in line with the country’s circular economy ambitions by highlighting the scale of opportunity in the bioeconomy sector.

A new report, Biorefining Potential for Scotland, provides the most detailed insight yet into the circular economy opportunities for waste and by-products generated in Scotland.

Scotland is recognised as a world-leader on the circular economy, which aims to design out waste by keeping materials and products in high-value use for as long as possible. Maximising value from ‘bio’ resources is identified as a priority area with the greatest opportunity to deliver economic, environmental and social benefits for Scotland in the Scottish Government’s circular economy strategy, Making Things Last. It is estimated an additional £500-£800million could be generated for Scotland’s economy by using food and drink by-products alone.

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