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Chemical Science Scotland
IBioIC – The dating agency for Scottish biotech firms

Since its launch in 2014, IBioIC has helped Scotland position itself as a significant player in the bio-economy by forging links between academia, industry and government, raising the nation’s profile on the international stage and helping fledgling businesses push forward their ingenious biotech innovations.

Dr David McElroy, CBO of Ingenza, has a concise way of describing IBioIC’s role in Scotland’s industrial biotechnology sector.

“It’s a kind of dating agency,” explains the chief business officer at Edinburgh-based Ingenza, a specialist in synthetic biology.

“It used to be based on happenstance,” he adds, referring to how in the days before IBioIC, businesses such as Ingenza relied on good luck and networking to find new partnerships.

“You’d meet someone at an event, happen to get into a discussion, discover overlapping interests. Now IBioIC acts as a catalyst, helping us to get together with academics.”

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