Careers in Chemical Sciences
What jobs actually exist in Chemical Sciences?

The Chemical Sciences sector provides a wide range of careers. Chemists throughout Scotland are involved in researching and manufacturing products that we all rely upon in our daily lives.

What’s more, with the challenges we will face in the future, people working in the sector will have the potential to make a real difference to how we will all live tomorrow. However, until you are in the sector it can be difficult to really understand the jobs that exist – or what the difference is between a Biotechnologist and a Materials Engineer.

Below are some useful resources that will help you better understand the variety of careers available, and which one might best suit you.

More information about the types of careers available in the Chemical science sector can be found on MyWorldofWork.

The Royal Society of Chemistry discusses the career options once you’re on the path to studying chemistry.

Cogent hosts the Science Career Pathway. This interactive tool lets you discover the huge range of job and career opportunities available in the science-based industries, and shows the routes into them and how you could then move on throughout your career.